Zika’s Abortion Catastrophe Is Just Getting Started

Photo by lunar caustic

Zika virus continues to paint Internet headlines using strokes of blood red. The WHO’s shock and awe campaign have the entire world sitting and waiting for what seems like an imminent disaster to occur. The problem is, that presumed disaster, it just isn’t occurring. It wasn’t that long ago that swine flu and ebola were set to destroy most of the Western world, only to die out into internet headline futility. But memories for most people remain short. Now history is repeating itself, only this time, there is even more at stake than just the creation of new vaccines.

Brazil boasts one of the world’s most flamboyant carnivals on a yearly basis. The colorful Brazilian carnival, which just wrapped up, puts on display a country of epic energy, cultural enthusiasm, and artistic expression. Brazil is also known for beaches full of the scantily attired. But Brazil is also a conservative country, particularly when it comes to abortion. Brazil is one of the toughest countries in the world when it comes to abortion laws. Brazil is a Roman Catholic state at the end of the day and most of its politicians are ultra-conservative. Abortion is only legal in cases of proven rape. Any girl wanting an abortion for any other reason is most certainly considering illegal options and those options can be rather costly. The country’s position on abortion is hardline and not considered flexible. Women who do undergo illegal abortions are often subjected to dangerous, unsanitary conditions as well as risk 3 years in prison (experts say women rarely are sentenced the prison terms, however).

Enter Zika, however, and an interesting scenario begins to unfold. The WHO’s stern warnings and fear mongering verbiage have put many in the country completely on edge. Brazil is a country built on great portions of stale waters inhabited by mosquitos. Brazilian ghettos are often built on them as they aren’t areas where the wealthy would choose to reside. With mosquito rates high and the WHO inciting fear throughout the world, many pregnant girls are now considering abortion even at just a faint hint of illness. Many women who report fevers while pregnant are too scared to test for Zika and immediately consider options for abortion. Many who either suspect they have Zika and consider abortion are in second and third trimesters.


We’ve written ad nauseam about the weak links and conjecture connecting microcephaly to Zika virus and that perspective is certainly gaining steam. More and more media outlets are seeing the light. But now will an entire country’s government get on board? President Obama has earmarked $1.8 billion in funds to fight Zika (the people of Flint, Michigan who’ve had their water poisoned by the Government may get $85 million). The point in telling you this is to highlight the extreme importance in having government backing in order to create disease and fear. Governments do a great deal of the work. The United States and Brazil will be needed if pharmaceutical companies want to keep people ripe for vaccine pushes in later months. But what if countries begin to fall off or lose energy?

That likely won’t be the case with the United States, however, Brazil could back down eventually. The fact is, Brazil is by default of Zika fear mongering, being thrust into a critical abortion debate. Abortion debates are spectacles for any country, including the United States, whereas abortion is commonly a top 3 social issue for politicians. No one in the United States gets elected to any prestigious political position without declaring a stance on abortion. But Brazil has abortion┬áin many ways, corralled right where they want it. It is illegal which reflects their religious and cultural beliefs. However, Zika is changing everything. Could a push to allow every pregnant woman who has (or even suspects) Zika to get a legal abortion become a campaign of its own? What if Brazil chooses to fight such a scenario? They’d be thrust into the main stage as a country who potentially is subjugating Zika infected women (at least from one perspective). Brazil doesn’t want to fight the abortion war and this could be the eventual reason they lose their moxie┬áin the Zika fear mongering campaign. Brazil could drop out.

The WHO has created a scenario they are hoping leads to vaccine revenues for pharmaceutical companies, but they’ve also potentially caused fatal repercussions in the illegal abortion industry all throughout Latin America. This isn’t me saying aborting a baby with confirmed microcephaly is right or wrong, it is me saying that most of the babies being aborted likely don’t even have it. The abortions are fear induced. The WHO has created fear and now the impoverished all throughout Latin America are reacting and the results are an awful kind of bad. The fall-out from Zika is happening now, just not the same fall out that the WHO tried to convince it would be. How many children will be aborted based on faulty Zika links and assumptions? Only time will tell but the situation grows more and more dire with each passing day.

Photo by lunar caustic