ZIKA MAYHEM: Miami Businesses Begin Shutting Down, People Living In Fear


Zika has made it’s grand entrance into the United States and it has sure shook up the South Florida communities of Miami-dade and Broward counties. The CDC and state health officials have given unprecedented warnings to residents. The streets are being sprayed with pesticides which Zika carrying mosquitos are likely resistant to. Now businesses are beginning to close down. Wynwood Yard, an outdoor market, has shut down, prompting many residents to fire back at health officials for they are now calling “a lie” and “melodrama.”

This is sure to serve as a massive financial setback for the entire state of Florida as more and more travelers begin cancelling plans. Florida’s economy is propped up by tourism, something it can’t afford to lose. But as the melodrama plays out, it is expected that even the mega-resort, Disney World, is likely to suffer the consequences. And that’s not good for the state at all.

I’ve been told that planes flying into the region show Zika warning films. It is no wonder so many people are living in fear right now.