This Superhero Woman Says She Will Free Steve Avery With New Evidence.

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Steve Avery remains in jail. The Netflix documentary, Making a Murderer, for most people, is over. The news has died down. The theory that Steve Avery was framed remains ongoing, but proving it has seemed like a futile undertaking.

That is until now. Meet Kathleen Zellner, Steve Avery’s new defense attorney. Reading about Kathleen takes me back to the days of being a little girl and watching Wonder Woman. Reading over some of Kathleen’s past cases, I can say I experienced that same feeling again. This woman is a bad### super human woman (forgive my implied language). She just gets it done.

Zellner, as a little girl, hid martial arts and Jiu Jitsu books under her comic books so that her mother wouldn’t discover her super powers. Then one day, a neighborhood kid attempted to frighten (and potentially kill) his pet duck. Zellner expressed her superpowers by beating the boy up. The neighborhood was never the same again. Zellner’s legend was born.


And now she’s Steve Avery’s attorney. An article in this week’s NewsWeek reveals that Zellner’s history with freeing the innocent is second to none; In fact, it is overly inspirational. Zellner refuses to take on a case unless she is sure the imprisoned is actually innocent and she goes to great lengths to ensure that she’s correct. She even spends her money on DNA testing. Zellner is sure that Steve Avery was framed. She’s so sure; she’s began taunting the Manitowoc County police on Twitter. Her Tweets have become something of a legend.


Zellner will contend that fraudulent science got Steve Avery convicted of a crime she claims he is innocent of, however, she is confident that good science shall free him.


But her most damning contention is that Teresa Halbach wasn’t even on Steve Avery’s property during the murder.


Newsweek list the details of her tweet’s claim here:

Zellner says the biggest piece of evidence she’s uncovered is the cellphone records that show Halbach left Avery’s property before she was killed—which Strang and Buting never brought up at trial. The state says Avery shot Halbach in his garage and then burned her body in the Avery family’s salvage yard. “So it’s absolutely shocking to see cellphone records that were part of the discovery that were turned over to the defense…document her route leaving the property. She goes back the same way she came, she’s 12 miles from the property on the last ping,” Zellner says. “They screwed it up.” Zellner also tells Newsweek that the defense team apparently didn’t realize that Daylight Savings Time ended on October 30, 2005—and that not all cellphones reset automatically—which meant that their timeline for the two independent witnesses who saw Halbach leave the Avery property was off by an hour.

Did they miss Daylight Savings Time? That’s pretty incredible, but it is the details which typically absolve the innocent. Zellner even bought the same car that Teresa Halbach owned. Her Twitter tactics are unnerving, even for other attorneys who claim they don’t work (Zellner simply points out that these same attorneys lament her style using, well, Twitter). Zellner is

Zellner even bought the same car that Teresa Halbach owned. Her Twitter tactics are unnerving, even for other attorneys who claim they don’t work (Zellner simply points out that these same lawyers lament her style using, well, Twitter). Zellner is woman, and we do hear her roar. I am insanely excited to see her go to work on this case. I love strong, powerful women. Zellner is a like a superhero who has come in to seek out justice and destroy evil. If Avery was indeed framed as her and many others claim, they must be shaking in their boots at this point.

I suggest everyone read all of her old case stories, it was one of the most compelling reads I’ve had in a long time. I was inspired after I finished (but you will need time, it is severely long).

Here is Zellner and another success story. Will Steve Avery be next?