Whole Foods Issues Apology For Selling Oranges in Plastic Containers


According to many, oranges come in a natural package known as a “peel.” Unfortunately, this “peel” may be a bit too inconvenient for some Whole Foods’ customers. When Nathalie Gordon tweeted such, she quickly started a movement to free the oranges from their new plastic digs, or maybe just a condemnation of Whole Foods. “If only nature would find a way to cover these oranges so we didn’t need to waste so much plastic on them,” she stated.

Whole Foods has issued an apology after the viral tweet broke 60k retweets.

A Whole Foods spokesperson responded to a request from The Huffington Post: “A lot of our customers love the convenience of our cut produce offerings, but this was a simple case where a handful of stores experimented with a seasonal product spotlight that wasn’t thoroughly thought through. We’re glad some customers pointed it out so we could take a closer look.”

So where does it stop? Almost every grocery store I have ever been inside of puts chopped fruits in plastic containers. Is this the start of something much larger? Will people start eating full watermelons at their office desks?

image credit: twitter.com/awlilnatty