WATCH: 12 Year Old Boy’s Hate-Filled Vaccine Autism Video


Marco Arturo is a 12-year-old “scientist.” And he is taking the entire vaccine industry to task in an epic video (or so you think). What he actually is doing is leading you to believe he doesn’t support big pharma, when all the while he most certainly does. And in the end, he “mic drops” parents who oppose vaccinations. Marco immediately announces that he will be  “touching a very delicate topic … vaccines.” He even asserts that vaccine companies are “lying to us.”

“And after a lot of research I found that vaccines do and will cause autism,” Marco adds. He goes on to insult parents who choose not to vaccinate their children, claiming it is unsafe for other kids.


This is our sad future. This child is clearly subjugated and falling in line with whatever the government spoon feeds him at an early age.