Doritos ‘Secret Pro-Life’ Commercial Enrages Internet


The Superbowl isn’t just about the big game. It is also largely about the multi-billion dollar advertising industry which results in major corporations pushing the year’s newest, most eye-popping advertising concepts, all for the ultimate goal of catching consumers eyes. The competition is stiff. This year, many people largely felt that Doritos won the competition. But did the big food giant take a shot at abortion advocates? Some are suggesting that’s exactly what they did. The commercial shows a fetus displayed on ultrasound reaching for its father’s Doritos to induce a birth.

The cheeky tone of the commercial seems innocent enough, but the early stage fetus moving and making decisions seems to carry with it a much larger concept. The commercial was actually part of a Doritos Superbowl Ad competition. The winner, Australian filmmaker Peter Carstairs, is the actual responsible party (Doritos cleared it, obviously).

See for yourself.




The question now left to ponder is did Doritos know they were making a pro-life video and did they disguise it under the guise of a contest? Some pro-life sound boards seemingly feel they did just that.

The problem for NARAL is that ultrasounds are now the most powerful evidence of life’s inception. For them to call it out is rather counter-productive. By showing a fetus as more than just a ball of thoughtless cells, the ultrasound provides sound proof that life exist and that disposing of that life in any way is killing. Melissa Conway, Texas Right to Life’s director of external relations, had this to say, “clearly capturing the human emotions and reactions of the preborn child….Doritos acknowledges the awareness, feelings, and humanity each tiny life possesses.”

Pro-life advocates remain absurdly angered over the matter, but the fact is, the commercial depicts some reality captured in the ultrasound experience. And that’s making them uncomfortable for a reason

Pro-life attacks are abound this afternoon. But what about Planned Parenthood? Here is one of their wings, the Planned Parenthood action fund, retweeting NARAL. But notice the retweet focuses on sexism, seemingly with intention avoiding the abortion and fetus aspect?


The official Planned Parenthood Twitter released nothing at all. It would seem to me they are working in the back alleys to seek out some vengeance over the matter. Focusing on sexism is a little ridiculous considering we know what their real issue is: To hide what’s really happening during an abortion.

We will keep this topic updated, of course.