VIDEO: Good Samaritans Stop Man Beating Woman with Flashlight (WARNING GRAPHIC)


When a man begins to beat what appears to be his wife with a flashlight, a few good samaritans step up to the plate to help and call the police. I warn you, the language and physical violence present in the video is graphic. However, these guys are heroes for not just being bystanders.

Domestic violence in the United States (and worldwide) is one of the most pressing issues we have. To see it outright in public is unusual and certainly a sobering experience for any of us. Hopefully, this man was taken into custody and the woman was taken to safety. This man needs to be punished as well as receive counseling. The good thing in all of this though is that these good samaritans stepped up to the plate to help a woman in need. All too often people standbye, afraid to interrupt situations. That was not the case with these men.