Vaxxed Producers ‘This is NOT an Anti-Vaccine movie’


The filmmakers behind the documentary, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, held a press conference recently in Studio City, California where they opened up about their documentary’s removal from the TriBeca Film Festival.

Phillipe Diaz compared the film to having had endured Nazi-like pressure, as well, he seemed to shoulder a great deal fo the blame for pushing the documentary towards TriBeca

“I am the one who suggested we bring it to Tribeca, which I now feel very bad about,” said Diaz. “The New Yorker is comparing the filmmakers at this table to Leni Riefenstahl,” he said, referencing a Nazi film propagandist. “You think, ‘Are they smoking too much?’”


It was Del Bigtree, however, who made some of the most interesting statements. He asserted that the film wasn’t anti-vaccination at all.

“This is not an anti-vaccine movie. This is a movie about making vaccines safer. We have just seen almost every single major news outlet in the entire country tell the public to not see a movie that they have not seen themselves.”

Sources for TruthKings have stated that many hardline anti-vaccination proponents weren’t fond of Wakefield’s documentary, claiming it potentially inspired people to get vaccinated. Wakefield’s call for “safer vaccines” is similar to Jim Carrey’s Tweets from a few months back asking for similar changes.

The face that many anti-vaccination proponents weren’t happy with the film adds another layer of spice to a drama that’s played out over the course of a week. The term “anti-vaxxer” is often applied by staunch pro-vaccine proponents when a person chooses any dissent, even if that dissent is as minor as choosing not to accept a flu shot, or even to have a pet vaccinated. Wakefield’s film might be more moderate than that which the media has painted it to be, likely leading to his frustration when he claimed most of the media hadn’t seen the movie.

TriBeca is a private business, so claiming first amendment rights isn’t entirely accurate. That said, TriBeca screwed the filmmakers. And they did a disservice a public now salivating to see the film more than ever. It is likely that TriBeca has helped Vaxxed regarding the future. It is sure to find a stable home (Netflix sure sounds lovely, doesn’t it?).