Wakefield: ‘Arguments’ & ‘Sponsor Interest Factors’ Describe Moments De Niro Pulled Vaxxed


Andrew Wakefield’s show is going on. Because in his mind and the mind’s of a lot of supporters, it must go on. Wakefield’s documentary, Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe, was abruptly pulled from the TriBeca Film Festival even after being backed by Robert De Niro, who shares a controlling interest in Tribeca Inc. Today the film made its debut at Angelika Theater in SoHo.

Wakefield and his colleagues, producers, were in wonderful spirits. Wakefield told TruthKings that TriBeca’s reasoning behind removing the documentary “remains a mystery.”

Why TriBeCa pulled our movie remains a mystery. Who said what to whom was never shared with us. But we’ve moved beyond that now. Negotiations are underway for national and international distribution and film festivals and theaters are coming in with offers continuously.


But the “mystery,” as Wakefield so courteously termed it, was more likely threats from sponsors to pull out.

Beth Portello, of Cinema Libre Studio, has this to say.

We were all disappointed and a little shocked to have the film de-selected by Tribeca. Our distributor Cinema Libre Studio was the one to take the call in fact, and I know that Philippe Diaz, the Chairman argued ardently on our behalf. His associate, Richard Castro said “It’s disturbing that an American film festival can succumb so easily to pressure to censor a film that it has already selected an announced. On Friday I received a call from Tribeca executives expressing concerns about showing the film, but no opportunity was afforded our filmmakers to even address those concerns. When I questioned the rationale, it was indicated that sponsors interest was a factor. By Saturday night, the film was simply pulled off the festival’s programming schedule.”

The following Monday, the Cinema Libre team had booked the Angelika Film Center, one of the most prestigious movie arthouses in Manhattan, and here we are.

Due to the abrupt change in strategy, the team has had to turn the film into a theatrical release in 4 1/2 days which I understand is quite the challenge. We are focused on the theatrical roll out but I know there are discussions about DVD and streaming video options for both the US and abroad in the works.

The chaotic mainstream media’s sabotage of Vaxxed didn’t fall short today. The Daily Beast columnist, Abby Haglage, wrote a review over the premier. She called the theater “near empty” and a “sad opening for any film,” as well as used her writing real estate as an opportunity to comment on some of the attendees more personal and private conversations.

This isn’t the perspective we observed. In fact, the premier seemed a success.

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I count more than 20 people.

The media’s attack on the film is an attempt at suppressing information. People have the right to decide what information is correct, as oppose to being discouraged from seeing a film based on fabrications. If the film were so inaccurate, something tells me The Daily Beast wouldn’t have wasted any time showing up on a Saturday afternoon.