Vaccine Injury Mom ‘I Regret not Looking Into What Was Going Into My Child And Now It’s Too Late’


A San Diego mother is reliving the terrible memories of her son’s severe vaccine injuries after the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program awarded her $55,000. Leyo Smith was given two vaccines, diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough. He immediately reacted terribly. His skin showed swollen and red at the points of injection. Days following, he developed hives and joint swelling and seizures. After eight months, Leyo began suffering an eye tick. Eventually, he was diagnosed with autism, Tourette syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder and mitochondrial dysfunction.

Leyo’s mother told ABC10 San Diego that she now suffers constant guilt.

“As parents, we want to protect our children,” said Mitten-Smith, choking back tears. “I thought I was protecting him by taking him in to get his vaccines, but I ended up injuring him for the rest of his life.”


She also believes that associations exist between vaccines and autism, now that she has seen the results first hand.

“I think there are associations that need to be looked into. I live with a child diagnosed with autism after he had a vaccine injury.”

The family was awarded $55,000 from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Doctors admitted the injuries were a result of vaccine injuries. The award sum is really nothing when you consider the anguish, regret and future costs of helping Leyo on a daily basis, potentially throughout his adulthood. But the worst is the regret. Parents who suffer the grief of vaccine injuries is something many find difficult to live with. There is no going back. For Leyo’s mother, it is something she has to think about every day. We read these stories all the time, unfortunately, and they all have similar tones.

“I regret not looking into what was going into my child and now it’s too late,” said Mitten-Smith. “Parents should be informed. I don’t want anyone else to go through what we went through.”