Two Week Old Dead After Polio Vaccine


According to, the child had been immunized before and the baby’s mother was apprehensive to get this recent dose. The health ministry is insisting the vaccines given to the babies as part of a countrywide polio vaccination exercise were “safe.” The parents are asking for an investigation, but no confirmation has been given as to whether or not that will actually happen. The health minister is said to be speaking regarding the matter later.

However, health workers who visited her home insisted that it was safe to have a second police vaccine and went ahead with the exercise.

Residents of Ngarariga village have now threatened to boycott the immunisation campaign until a proper explanation is given on the cause of the death.


The irate residents claim that health workers who have been deployed to the villages for the drive are unqualified and what new officers deployed.

Kiambu County Health Minister Dr Jonah Mwangi has stated that he will issue a statement on the matter.

The catholic church has firmly protested the polio vaccine exercise in the region. Polio is caused from poor sanitation conditions in third world countries but this issue is rarely ever focused on. Instead, mass vaccinations are the solution. The polio vaccination carries in it a live version of polio, which is expelled into the sanitation and is able to then spread among the population.

How could we even heartlessly consider putting a vaccine into a 2-week old? A 2-week old is frail and just developing brain function and central nervous function. Putting toxins into a fragile baby in any case isn’t good, but in this case is especially terrible and criminal.

We will keep you updated as more information is available. Sadly, we expect the government to declare the baby’s death as “undetermined” status.