Twin Babies Dead After Receiving Vaccinations

polio vaccine
Photo by Julien Harneis To stop the disease a series of campaigns were done by UNICEF WHO and the government however they were not as successful as hoped for and so a fifth campaign was done from the 12th to 15th december. Because the polio vaccine is easy to apply, a couple of drops in the mouth, the campaign is done from door to door over the weekends as this is the best way to cover the maximum amount of 0 to 5 year olds. I followed a vaccination team round a neighbourhood of fishermen in Conakry. In general people accepted the vaccination, but because there have been so many vaccination campaigns in the last weeks against polio and measles, some were confused and refused as they thought their children had already been vaccinated.

Two 4-month old babies are now dead after receiving polio vaccinations.  The twins were taken to Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike health centre in Bapujinagar, where they received the polio vaccine doses. They died shortly after.

Lunesh and Hemalata, a couple from Bapujinagar area took their twins to the hospital on Thursday. Both of them died at 11.30 am on Friday according to officials with the BBMP.

Lunesh claimed that his daughters, Sanvi and Disha, died after administration of vaccination. Lunesh is an entrepreneur and his family resides on 13th Cross, 3rd Phase, Girinagar. The parents have lodged a complaint with the police stating that it was the polio vaccination that lead to the death of their children.


The couple had taken their twins to the hospital for vaccination on Thursday and the babies died at 11.30 am on Friday according to BBMP officials.

The hospital has already gone into denial mode.

“We have done the preliminary investigation. These infants were given the second dose of pentavalent polio vaccine which is usually administered when the child is 2.5 months old. They died 22 hours after being administered the polio vaccination” said Dr Sudarshan, an official with the Health department of BBMP. (source)

An investigation is ongoing, but this once again provides clear evidence that vaccines aren’t as safe as many want to believe. The dose, according to the report, was given 2 months later than recommended, which makes things even worse. The bodies of the twins have been taken in to determine cause of death and the police are involved. I don’t feel confident that the vaccines will be blamed for the deaths, but the compelling part here is that two babies are involved. What else factors in? The same vaccines were given to each baby and each baby died just after receiving them.

We need to push for accountability in these cases, but unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies have a stronghold on liability. They exist underneath of Government umbrellas which protect them from legal repercussions. Right now the bodies of these poor children are likely in the midst of a cover up, which most likely ends with a cause of death being “undetermined.” We will keep this article updated as more news becomes available.
Photo by Julien Harneis