The Fluoride In This Town Is 22 Times The Limit. And The People Are Suffering.

image credit: pixabay

The TruthKings recommended level of added fluoride is none. In Narnaul, India, it is 1ppm (that’s Parts Per Million). The groundwater in Narnaul, however, is 22ppm (maybe you figured that out already because you read the headline).

Alarmed, officials of the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Fluorosis (NPPCF) have swung into action and launched a special awareness drive to motivate the people not to consume groundwater, as it may prove hazardous for their health.Sources said the NPPCF officials, during the survey on groundwater, found 22.2 ppm (parts per million) fluoride content in the groundwater in the Sighana Road area in Narnaul.The permissible limit of fluoride in water is 1 ppm.Most of the people in Mahendragarh district are compelled to use groundwater for drinking and other purposes because of the scarcity of canal water.“High fluoride concentration in water is causing health problems such as dental and skeletal fluorosis, anaemia, gastroenteritis, joint pains and other abdominal disorders among villagers,” said Dr Sanjay Yadav, district consultant with the NPPCF. (source)

Look at that incredibly sad laundry list of ailments accompanied by this mishap. Look at the other affected areas: Kultajpur (8.4 ppm), Akbarpur Ramu (8 ppm), Nangal Mittrapura (7.4 ppm each), Saidpur (7.3 ppm), Muraripur/Kanwi (6.6 ppm), Niwaz Nagar (6.4 ppm), Nimbehra (6 ppm), Bhungarka (6.2 ppm), Dhani Kirarod (6 ppm), Chapra Bibipur (5.9 ppm), Bhojawas (5.6 ppm), Mulodi (5.1 ppm), Mali Tibba Narnaul (4.2 ppm), Azam Nagar (4.4 ppm), Jatwas Mihara (4.1 ppm), Tazipur (5.6 ppm), Chanduwara Narnaul (4.3 ppm), Dharsoon (4.2 ppm), Karota (4.4 ppm) and Amarpur Jorasi (4 ppm) villages.


Now, the reason being given for this rise in Fluoride in the region is a depleted water table issue. This is apparently causing the Fluoride content to rise because much of the soil is considered Fluoride rich. But this is striking anyways, because it shows how the exponential volume doses cause suffering. But in the United States, extended use is considered “totally safe” by the vast majority of Americans. The Government tells us it is really good for us, of course, until it is not (and that’s often the case). Smile, your teeth look beautiful, but it isn’t because of Flouride in your drinking water, it is because you brush them and avoid high sugar diets.

The other issue here is the hope that this reasoning for the rising levels in Fluoride is legit. That comes to mind also, folks. These communities use this ground source as the source of their drinking water.

image credit: pixabay