This Pediatrician Blaming Parents For Overuse Of Antibiotics Is Ridiculous

photo by Sheep Purple

Doctors are pushers. Not all of them, I realize that. But a lot of them are. Enough of them that we have this new category, Doctors Are The Problem (DATP). Take vaccines as an example, Doctors sometimes “fire” parents who refuse vaccinations completely or even just refuse to have their kids receive them all at once (delaying schedule, it is termed officially).

But now one pediatrician is pulling the victim card when it comes to meds being pushed on patients and their children. Apparently, it is the patient’s fault (hold on, I’m serious). A Doctor by the name of  Denise Lenarz, a pediatrician at CentraCare Clinic Health Plaza, claims that maybe parents are pressuring Doctors into overprescribing antibiotics for children. This according to the SCTimes.

Asking a doctor for penicillin may seem like an innocuous request, but using it when it’s not needed or not using it as directed can make things worse for everyone.


It can also lead to some unnecessary side effects while having no effect on the initial health problem.

It’s sometimes difficult for doctors and parents to distinguish between a viral and bacterial problem. And doctors sometimes get pressured by parents to do something, anything. Parents sometimes aren’t happy if they walk away with only the advice to have the child get some rest and have plenty of fluids.

“I think some of those parents don’t fully appreciate the harms antibiotics can cause,” Lenarz said.

It is difficult to fully appreciate the ridiculousness of Lenarz’s statement without remembering that it is Doctors who truly are responsible for prescribing medications. And in most cases, prescribing useless medications is the core of their existence. How can this statement even be plausible? So essentially we are now putting the blame on parents for overprescribing meds? This statement by Lenarz couldn’t be more of a joke.

Yes, overprescription of antibiotics is a real issue in the world, but no, it isn’t the parents fault. In any case that a parent is pushing for antibiotics, it is because they have been trained to do so over the years of having Doctors push the meds. If Doctors want some sort of patient change in mentality, it will be their lead to take in terms of change. This statement by Lenarz is merely a convenient push of blame and responsibility.

If Doctors want patients who aren’t asking for meds, begin to teach them more holistic, alternative health resolutions for common issues. Pushing alternative health methods in place of pharmaceutical meds which don’t make a profit will be a wonderful step in the right direction. Let’s see that happen. I won’t hold my breath for it, though. To turn around and blame parents pressuring Doctors is further insulting due to Doctors who commonly blame parents for delaying vaccine schedules. Why in those cases don’t these Doctors fold like picnic chairs? It seems in both scenarios, the Doctors just conveniently make sure the parent leaves with some sort of med prescribed.
photo by Sheep Purple