Stats Show Parents Think Flu Shot Is Useless

Photo by USACE Europe District

While the vaccine industry may be thriving due to fear-mongering parents, that same fear-mongering campaign ran by flu shot companies sure hasn’t worked as effectively. Some newly released stats are showing just how distrusting parents are when it comes to the flu shot. Fifty-nine percent of parents whose child did not receive the flu shot say it is due to the flu shot simply being less important, working less, being less tested or having more side effects. And these are parents who likely believe in other vaccinations, which makes the situation for flu shot proponents even worse.

image source: C.S. Mott's Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit
image source: C.S. Mott’s Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit

“Despite substantial public health efforts, flu vaccine rates for U.S. children are well below national targets,” says lead author Sarah J. Clark, MPH, associate director of the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health and associate research scientist in the U-M Department of Pediatrics. “In exploring why some parents do not have their child get the flu vaccine, we found that many parents do not believe that flu vaccine is as safe, effective or important as the other vaccines their children receive.”

Annual flu shots have been recommended for all children 6 months to 18 years since 2008 but flu vaccination rates lag behind measles, polio and most other childhood vaccines. Roughly half (52 percent) of parents polled reported that their child has received flu vaccine this season. Compared to those parents, parents whose child did not get flu vaccine reported far more negative beliefs about flu vaccine relative to other childhood vaccines.


When you can’t convince parents who believe in vaccines that your vaccine is worthy, you have some pretty serious hurdles to overcome. But the fact is, parents are now beginning to do more research and figuring out that the flu vaccine is more myth than reality. A Utah girl who was recently vaccinated for the flu ended up succumbed to death: from the flu. What does that tell you? She was 8-years old. Did the flu shot potentially give her the flu or did the flu shot just ‘not work?’ In either scenario, it simply isn’t good and invalidates the flu shot at every level. And this is exactly why more and more flu shot mandates are coming down the pipes. Forcing nurses and office workers at hospitals to get the flu shot is their newest desperation attempts to keep the flu shot relevant.

Some blame the flu shot’s “confusing pitch” for the reason that numbers are down, but I think more parents are simply coming to terms with reality. The Internet allows a wonderful amount of free exchanges and communications. The information is out there for those willing to look.

Photo by USACE Europe District