The Disturbing Reason This Photog Is In Trouble Over This Photo


Hannah Hawkes is a photographer, who at the request of a family, decided to try and have a little fun Christmas spirit with one of their pictures. But that backfired, and she since removed the post. The picture featured the family holding a “peace on earth” sign while having all the female members of the family covering their mouths with green tape. Seems innocent enough, right? And well, THEIR personal humor, right?

Wrong. the PC crowd lost their minds.

Here’s the Photo.



Here’s the minds lost.

“This is absolutely awful and tasteless. There is no humor here,”

Fixed it for you,” along with a Photoshopped version of the image with the chalkboard reading “Patriarchy on Earth.”

“Now I get this may be a joke. Whatever. Joke to you and your family,” a commenter wrote. “A real struggle for women in America because as a woman our opinions are taken as inferior and not valued in comparison to mens [sic].”

You can check out the full reddit meldown here.

The photog posted a defense for herself on Facebook, but I believe she ended up deleting it.

women defense

People, get a grip! And hey, why not just try minding your own darn business. Sure, this was a public posting, but let’s be honest, you can just keep scrolling. I doubt highly this family or the photographer was in any way attempting to promote violence towards women. There are plenty of abuses and tragedies in the world worth fighting, this just isn’t one of them.