Texas Infant Dies From Zika, State Emergency Operations Underway


Health Officials in Texas have declared the cause of death for a local infant to be due to Zika virus. The Harris county infant had microcephaly, something Health Officials believe was derived from Zika virus being passed from the mother to her womb, thereby infecting the infant.

While pregnant, the mother traveled to Latin America (El Salvador) where she was allegedly infected. Health Officials have classified the case as travel-related.

According to ABC13.


Texas has reported 97 cases of Zika virus disease, including the two infants with microcephaly from Harris County. All Texas cases are related to travel abroad to areas with active Zika transmission. There have been no reported cases of Zika virus disease transmitted by mosquitoes in Texas, but Texas is on alert for the possibility local transmission.

There are 28 Zika cases in Harris County and Houston. Officials say they will activate the county’s emergency operations center if a local mosquito tests positive for the disease.

It might be a little overdramatic by the state of Texas to go into a full blown panic mode after one death. Microcephaly can occur for reasons unrelated to Zika.