Antidepressants & School Shootings, Suicides, Compiled Into 1 Terrifying News Compilation


Antidepressants are taking over the United States. Many Doctors offer antidepressants as a first resort and most people have no idea about the terrible risk associated with them. Many of America’s worst mass killings have had links to SSRI medications. Teenage suicides have also been linked to pharma’s concoctions. We are a society at war against pharmaceutical companies. If don’t fight harder, we will see more of the same. This terrifying video puts on display a number of news clips which are all linked to pharma’s solution for depression. I ask you, is it worth it?

From Video:A shocking Compilation of Video clips showing negative side effects of Antidepressants. Suicide, homicide even to the point of school shootings. Best Case scenario you only experience Withdrawal and Addiction.