Target Also Used To Fund ‘Anti-Gay Groups’

Photo by JeepersMedia

This isn’t about which policy is right, it is about not falling for some corporation’s marketing scheme. The reality is, they are all smoke and mirrors when it comes to social issues. The gay and transgender community have been relishing in a victory. Target, the gigantic manufacturer who sells everything from sponges to grills to lady razors, has decided that their bathrooms shall welcome all to each. Identify as a girl; you can use the girl’s bathroom and vice versa. But is Target really just playing both sides of the issue as a way to brand their product or place it in a position for success?

The store, which uses red balls and a red bullseye for a logo, has squarely placed itself in the forefront of the transgender community as a leader and a progressive institution of kindness. Facebook feeds lit up upon hearing the news of Target’s “openness,” with people posting that they’d now shop more at Target.

Stop. Right There.


Who of these among us shopped “less” at Target before this decision?

Well maybe, just maybe, some gay people did.

In 2010, there was outrage that Target was funding what gay rights activists termed an  “anti-gay” gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota named Tom Emmer. Target had long crusaded that it was a strong ally of the LGBT community, including its workers; however following the money led gay rights activists down a completely different path altogether.

How did Target respond to the allegations it was funding an “anti-gay” candidate? By funding more of them, according to Abe Sauer, who pinned them for $31,000 to more candidates not approved by gay rights groups.

It followed that up by funding what gay rights groups termed an “anti-gay extremist,” in Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli has publicly scorned gay marriage. Campaigns emerged by gay rights groups who organized Target shopping protests immediately unless Target ceased this activity.

Target may talk a big game when it comes to gay or transgender rights, however, funding policies that directly battle those gay and transgender agendas seems hypocritical. Of course, Target can now market to that community with a bathroom change and watch as the sheep so soon forget the past.

Photo by JeepersMedia