Surrogate Mother Defies Order To Abort Baby


A surrogate mother is defying the orders of biological parents to abort a third (unexpected) fetus and the parents have suspended payments to 26 year old Brittneyrose Torres. She is claiming she is unwilling to budge in the face of harsh abortion demands. The couple is claiming an “increased risk in developmental disorders” as their justification for the request. Torres was implanted with two fertilized eggs.  The unexpected third development isn’t really that “unexpected,” per se, seeing in vitro was used and this is a rather common effect.

According to the NYPost, the parents knew from the beginning that she’d be unwilling to abort.

The biological parents “knew from the beginning that we wouldn’t want to abort unless it was a life-and-death situation,” anguished surrogate Brittneyrose Torres told The Post.


“We would never want to abort a baby’s life.”

To worsen the situation, the intended parents seemed happy about the third child, however, at week 12, abruptly changed their minds fearing the risk of developmental disorders. Torres offered to put the third child up for adoption, however, the intended parents have refused that option as well. Torres has cited that she believes that at nearly 13 weeks, she’d be “killing the baby.” And she’s sticking to her guns in the face of having her funds cut off from the intended parents who originally were subject to a contractual agreement to pay her. Now the intended parents are claiming contractual loopholes.

What is really unfathomable in this case is that the parents would cut her off from funds, the girl who carries now 3 of their own children. Torres has said the Doctors have found no abnormalities. Even if the parents intend to continue to convince her to abort the third baby, cutting her off from funds and alienating themselves from her isn’t good for anyone, including THEIR children. This is a complete lapse in judgement by the intended parents. Torres claims she went public to better educate potential surrogates on the potential pitfalls of being a surrogate.

Using in vitro, you know the risk. Attempting to play God after the fact is poor form.