Study Shows AntiDepressants Mostly Prescribed For Wrong Reasons


Anti-Depressants, next to vaccines, are the bread and butter of big pharmaceutical companies. We commonly assume that these medications are being prescribed to treat depression. But a new study published in Medical Daily shows we are often wrong.

The study showed that out fo 100,000 antidepressants prescribed, only 55% were used to treat actual depression. The remaining 45% were used to treat insomnia, anxiety and general pain.

“I wasn’t surprised by the indications themselves, but I was surprised by the extent,” said Jenna Wong of McGill University and lead author of the study.


This is called “off-label prescribing.” This means a Doctor has the freedom to prescribe one drug meant for a certain set of ailments for a non-listed ailment. The problem here is that there really isn’t any supporting evidence that antidepressants help with insomnia. This means patients get no help for their issues as well as get a dose of a dangerous drug needlessly.

“I think a lot of patients aren’t aware that the antidepressants they’re being prescribed for a particular problem sometimes have little sound scientific evidence behind them, and the same could be said for many doctors,” she said.

This is another example of Doctors overprescribing medications. People with anxiety and insomnia should at least give meditation, dietary changes, and exercises a chance before being placed on serious medications. But the profit, of course, isn’t in the cure.