STUDY: ‘Lower educated, black women don’t get HPV Vaccine’

Photo by Rashod

I am often impressed (as well as terrified) by the disturbing extent our governments will go to to figure out why there is growing dissent when it comes to vaccines. But this study might be one of the most grotesque in some time.

For the government, they want to collect as much data as possible when it comes to who is skipping vaccines. Collecting such data is vital to target marketing those areas with vaccine propaganda, as well as sending government vaccine pushers door to door as a way to intimidate people. Many recent studies have shown affluent, white people as the driving force behind the anti-vaccination movement. However, when it comes to the HPV vaccine, the government wants you to see it through your racist lens.

Compared with white women, the study found that black women had 30 percent lower odds of starting the HPV vaccine series. And among those who begin the three-shot series, black and Latina women had approximately one-quarter and one-half the odds, respectively, of completing the series as did white women.


Gathering this information is an important first step, said Paul Gilbert, assistant professor in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health and co-author of the study. That’s because you must establish what the gaps are to begin discussing how they can be fixed, he said.

Gilbert added that lower vaccination rates can be tied to numerous factors, including lower education levels and lack of insurance coverage.

Essentially, this is the government’s way of blaming uneducated “ghettos” for not accepting the widely criticised HPV vaccine. It couldn’t possibly be that people who choose to pass on this dangerous vaccine are wise and informed. Instead, we paint a picture that uneducated blacks and latinas are skipping out on knowledge and then giving into fear mongering from anti-vaccination camps (which happen to be pretty damn rich and white, that contradiction shouldn’t be lost on any of us). It is easier for the government to accept that vaccine hesitancy is the product of the uneducated, rather than report accurately that people are simply more informed.

What does this mean? Apparently, marketing campaigns are coming to your local “ghettos,” so be prepared. This will also likely mean using pharmacists at stores to disseminate pro-vaccine communications and likely government agents going door to door to “educate” the poor, uneducated black and latina folks.
Photo by Rashod