Splenda Might Give You Leukemia

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Last week, Splenda, a popular artificial sweetener used by many as a sugar replacement solution, was targeted by a study claiming to show that it is linked to leukemia. The story created a significant buzz among social media users, some saying they’d never use it again while others dispelled the claim saying that past studies have never shown any cancer links. According to Fox News, the researchers claimed that all previous studies were funded by Splenda themselves, completely discounting their findings.

According to Fox 13, men who were fed large amounts of the sucralose inside Splenda were found to have “significant dose-related increased incidence” of bearing malignant tumors, as well as “of hematopoietic neoplasias.”

Worryingly, “researchers pointed out similar studies conducted on behalf of Splenda’s manufacturer did not show the same carcinogenic effect.”



 We aren’t strangers to big corporations funding illegitimate studies in these parts. Splenda responded to the article on Friday, claiming “100’s of studies” have shown their product to be safe.

Researchers have conducted more than 100 scientific studies on the safety of sucralose over the past 20 years—and they’ve all declared sucralose safe to enjoy.

Sometimes, however, poorly conducted and unscientific studies make bold headlines and stir up safety fears.

This article sets the record straight: HERE

My issue here is that they don’t exactly respond to the claim that many of the studies were funded by them. That would be a rather essential piece to the puzzle. Here is a link to the original study (here).

The study found “significant dose-related increased indicence of males bearing malignant tumors” and a “significant dose-related increased incidence of hematopoietic neoplasias in males” after being fed high amounts of sucralose for their lifespan.

Splenda didn’t exactly take the study well, as you can see by their response below. But companies creating their own studies and releasing them under the guise of unbiased research as an effort to sell more product is despicable. It is important to keep in mind that this recent study is just one study and it doesn’t show enough to cause massive concerns, but it is a start and something to consider. I’ve never been a fan of anything artificial myself.


Researchers have conducted more than 100 scientific studies on the safety of sucralose over the past 20 years—and they’…

Posted by Splenda on Friday, March 11, 2016

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