Sign The Petition To Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline


As we reported earlier, the Lakhóta and Sioux people are part of a confederation of seven related Sioux tribes which are indigenous of the Great Plains of North America. And right now, the news isn’t telling you that they are trying to fight a pipeline from being built beneath the Missouri, Mississippi, and Big Sioux rivers. The federal government recently gave their approval to build the Dakota Access Pipeline, which will transport crude oil for almost 1200 miles from North Dakota to Illinois. Thousands of these Native Americans have shown up to protest for the sake of protecting everyone’s clean water.

“We need water to survive. It’s an everyday thing. We use it to cook, to clean, to shower. We use it to fish,” says Bobbie Jean Three Legs, protester.

“What happens to the Missouri River happens to all of us, all human beings. Water is not limited to indigeounous people, water is limited to everyone. Indigenous people right now are the only ones protecting it,” says Shaileene Woodley, Divergent series actress and protester.


In fact, things are getting pretty volatile. The standoff has led to arrest and intimidation. These people want to protect our natural water supply from being potentially compromised it what would be a risky event. A pipeline beneath one of our country’s main water supplies is more than dangerous to our health, it is unethical. A spill would ruin not only our drinking water but also farmland. So far, the protesters of forced a cease in operations, but that might only last until reinforcements are called in.

Now, they are in need of your help, they are in need of signatures for their petition to stop the pipeline:

We are a group of young people from the Oceti Sakowin area calling on the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). We believe that the DAPL has great potential to leak into the Missouri River and cause harm to the great people of this nation whose water and livelihood depends on the river. 

The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline can only be successful if we have your voice. Please sign your name to tell the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that the Dakota Access Pipeline Project is damaging to all life along the Missouri River. Let them know that we do not need oil to live, but we do need water, and water is a human right and not a privilege.


Help the tribes stop the Dakota Access Pipeline by signing their petition here


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