N.H. School District Passes Trans Bathroom Policy Allowing Genders To Choose Bathroom

Photo by GIANTsqurl

A school district in New Hampshire has passed a new policy allowing children of all ages, Kindergarten through Senior year, to use the bathroom and locker room which identifies with their gender identity.

According to WMUR.com, The Candia School Board passed a controversial new policy Thursday night that allows transgender students to use the bathroom they choose, which infuriated many parents who claim their concerns were overlooked and undervalued.

“Unfortunately, we were supposed to come and voice our opinions, and our opinions were supposed to be heard, but I don’t think that they were considered,” said Tram Fultz.


“I know what it feels like to be discriminated against, so I understand the desire to help, to make all of our children understand from the moment that they’re born that they’re loved, that they’re cared about, that they’re accepted for who they are, but this has to be a personal decision,” said Fultz.

The board’s lawyer says according to federal law — the school cannot discriminate against transgender and gender-nonconforming students

Many parents are outraged by what they described as a privacy issue for their children. And some are stunned by how young the policy reaches, all the way into the ranks of kindergarten.

Mike Syvertson has three kids in the school…and says the new policy could threaten their safety.

“We feel that it’s a privacy issue and a safety issue — not only for our girls, but for our boys — making good decisions at school,” said Syvertson.

Photo by GIANTsqurl