San Marcos, Texas Says NO To Mass Fluoridation

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Photo by Robert T Bell

On Tuesday, voters in San Marcos, Texas (pop. 45,000) approved a resolution ending and prohibiting the fluoridation of the public water supply with 61% of the vote. Voters passed the following language into law: “The City of San Marcos shall not add, or direct or require its agents to add fluoride in the form of hydrofluorosilicic acid, hexafluorosilicic acid, or sodium silicofluoride to the San Marcos municipal water supply.”

San Marcos has artificially fluoridated the drinking water since 1987, but a major grassroots effort over the past year has brought that to an end. A strong coalition of campaigners, including Fluoride Free San Marcos andTexans for Accountable Government weren’t discouraged by a city council that ignored their calls for an end to the practice. Instead, the multi-partisan coalition moved forward and collected the 1,600 signatures required to get a resolution amending the city charter on the ballot. Then another obstacle arose. Their referendum petition was illegally invalidated by the City Clerk, who even sued Fluoride Free San Marcos and three of its officers to have a judge void the petition and have the campaigners pay the city’s legal expenses. The judge ruled that the petition was legal, and directed the city to place the question on the ballot.

We congratulate the campaigners who led the charge in San Marcos, facing major obstacles and overcoming them brilliantly to bring an end to fluoridation in their city and inspire fluoride-free campaigns around the world.


With the victory in San Marcos, the number of communities that have rejected fluoridation since 2010 has surpassed 200. This is a major milestone and a clear sign that the momentum is building in our favor. Also please keep in mind that it’s very likely that this number is actually much higher since not all votes against fluoridation make the news or get passed on to FAN.

Photo by Robert T Bell