Robert De Niro Doubles Down On #Vaxxed


Robert De Niro made an appearance on Today’s Take this morning. When questioned by Al Roker, De Niro essentially restated is position on vaccine safety. De Niro, having taken a great deal of criticism after his recent disclosure that he doesn’t fully trust the vaccine industry, doesn’t seem to be swayed by any of the media’s attempts to intimidate him.

“I still have mixed feelings about it[removing Vaxxed], I didn’t want to pull the film….I wasn’t 100% sure it was the right move….there is something going on with the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry.”

De Niro has also recently been spotted meeting with the producers of the vaccine safety documentary, Trace Amounts. A recent tweet by another vaccine safety celebrity, Jim Carey, provided proof that De Niro is likely to follow up on his promises to improve vaccine safety.