Robert De Niro To Become A Vaccine Safety Activist? Believes Wakefield? #Vaxxed


This is another clip from yesterday’s interview. Now, honestly, when I watch this in its entirety, there are so many sound clips I want to just chop up and listen to over and over again. This man with such raw emotion and finally being able to speak freely, I watch the pain in his eyes, the weight coming off his shoulder. It is an amazing thing to watch, and I don’t know that I have seen anyone else with such a high profile, speak out this eloquently, and say exactly what all of us are saying. ¬†We all want scientists and researchers to do this, let’s get the double blind studies that should be performed, let’s get the money out of the vaccination schedules, let’s take a real long look at what we are trying to put in 100% of this upcoming generation. There will be approximately 100,000 children born this year that will end up on the autism spectrum, that is the size of a city, every year. And there are no real active studies being done to look for why?

De Niro continues to take a lot of heat today, in what was just a simple plea to let’s do some more studies, let us find out what is going on with vaccinations and autism. Why is there a need for this to be a closed discussion? Interesting to note, is when the host mentions Wakefield study being discredited, De Niro hints at the railroading that was done to Wakefield as at the end of the day, he doesn’t believe what was done to Wakefield was justified.


Please Robert De Niro, as a fellow parent injured by vaccination, please keep talking with your heart and your mind. When you speak, you are speaking for millions of people that are afraid to raise their voices. You are the speaker this movement needs.



Here is the clip I am talking about:


What is your take on this clip? To me it sounds like he wants to become more active and speak out more. Please, Robert De Niro, this would be your greatest role ever.


If you haven’t seen the full clip, here it is: