Robert De Niro Appeared On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon


A defeated Robert De Niro was on the  Tonight Show with  Jimmy Fallon and declined to address his controversial removal of the documentary, Vaxxed, from the TriBeca Film Festival. Earlier this week, De Niro was a guest on the Today Show and stated that he regretted caving to outside pressures and removing the documentary from his film festival. This evening, De Niro choose to not address the subject. Now the speculation will lead activists to wonder if De Niro has been silenced.

Andrew Wakefield’s documentary continues to be embroiled in controversy for being an anti-vaccination piece. But the fact is, Vaxxed, is a movie focused on a CDC cover-up and vaccine safety. The movie in no way promotes anti-vaccination. Instead, it simply asks that vaccine safety is regarded with a more intense perspective. The fact that the government and the mainstream media is attempting to bury it using bullying tactics is terrifying.

In the end, it appeared as if Jimmy Fallon had no interest in allowing De Niro to speak about the movie.  While our hopes were high, De Niro appeared tired over the emotional roller coaster of a week he just endured. I am sure the money behind TriBeCa did not appreciate his last appearance being dominated by his glowing reviews of movies (Vaxxed and Trace Amounts), which are not even featured at the film festival.


Thank You Mr De Niro.. You are still #DeNiroTheHero!

We anxiously await your next opportunity to speak about autism and vaccine safety.