RIDICULOUS: Michigan School Has Vaccine Simulation Drill For Students

Photo by KOMUnews

If you think flu shot hysteria is out of control, then prepare yourself for what might topple any and all past flu shot ridiculousness. A Michigan Junior and Senior High School is running flu shot simulations as a way to see if they could give up to 1000 flu shots in an hour if a flu pandemic were to break out. And I mean just exactly what I write: they actually pretended to give flu shots using cotton swabs, according to an article  on the Daily Reporter.

The drill Wednesday was a test to see how CHA staff could handle mass vaccination in case of a pandemic flu outbreak.

“I wanted to reach giving 1,000 shots an hour” at three stations, then an additional fourth, explained CHA Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Jim Cook.


At each station, a clerk and nurse checked paperwork, then went through all the motions of giving an injection, using a cotton swab rather than an actual needle.

A flu pandemic? This is fear mongering, as well as indoctrination, at its finest (and most absurd). And it doesn’t make sense. If my kid went to this school I’d call the school and let them know that my child won’t be participating. I don’t want my child taking part in a mass vaccine simulation drill. These children are not cattle for pharma’s concoctions.

Photo by KOMUnews