Rex Tillerson Just Put The News Media In It’s Place


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a businessman.

His business now is to get the best deals for the Citizens of the United States.

A very refreshing approach.


Now, as he settles into his work routine and is working away, his patience with the fake news media has reached a boiling point. He has since cleared out the media from his travel plane and he is taking on a work first approach to his job as Secretary of State.

Since giving the biased media the boot, he was asked if what he did was fair to the media.

He responded by saying “I will now spend time working and doing what a Secretary of State should do, I wasn’t hired to do interviews, I was hired to be a diplomat”.

Tillerson continued to blast away at the fake news media, “They have bureau offices. They have people there. So it’s not like they can’t cover what’s happening there. The only thing that’s missing is the chance to talk more in the air.”