Researchers ‘Tylenol, NOT VACCINES, Taken During Pregnancy Linked To Autism’

Photo by JeepersMedia

Spanish researchers are making public a link they allege exist between Paracetamol and autism / ADHD. According to their study, pregnant women who take Paracetamol while pregnant, therefore exposing their unborn babies to the medication, increase the risk of that child being born with ADHD and autism.

2,644 pregnant women were used in the study. Most children were subsequently evaluated at ages 1 and 5. The mothers were asked of their Paracetamol use during pregnancy, including volume and frequency. Mothers who regularly ingested the medications were 30 percent more likely to have a boy with autism.

According to the Parent Herald, the study tested for symptoms and not for exact diagnoses, according to Claudia Avella-Garcia, lead author at CREAL and member of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health. Avella-Garcia explains that an increased number of symptoms is enough to produce an effect on a child, even without a clinical diagnosis.


But what’s interesting here is that suddenly, Tylenol is being suggested as a cause of autism while vaccines go completely ignored as a culprit. Is this a pharmaceutical convenience or distraction? Or is it merely a lack of compassion for the real issue? To suggest that something as simple as Tylenol causes autism while ignoring vaccines is criminal hypocrisy. Pregnant women are being given more vaccines than ever, but suddenly we are to believe that this simple medication is dangerous.

This seems incredibly ridiculous.

Photo by JeepersMedia