Dentist Shames Town With Pro-Fluoride Letter.

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Judy M. Fisch is a dentist (she works here if you are interested in getting your fluoride on). And ‘get your fluoride on’ is exactly what I’d expect after walking into Heaton & Fisch Dental Associates. I actually imagine the fluoride is immediately dumped on you in the waiting room as a way to get the party started. Judith is upset by the notions (and public outcry I’d assume) to lose the fluoride in the community. And she’s not being shy about her reservations in this matter, in fact, she wrote a super bad letter to the town to get her points across. The letter appeared in the Rutland Herald, who touts their 2001 Pulitzer Prize win in the logo. After reading this letter, I’d encourage them to just go back to 2001 and find those reporters have them hit the reset button on this operation.

As a long-standing practicing general dentist in Rutland City, I am very concerned about the misinformation regarding community water fluoridation. There is no doubt oral health disease has increased in communities in which fluoridation was discontinued. It will take some time, but an increase in dental disease will occur.

Judith, which is it? It either HAS increased or “will” increase? This statement is a fallacy at the simpliest of levels. Why even write this statement without any evidence to support it? Maybe because there is none?


For 70 years — more than 30 years in Rutland — fluoride has been part of our nation’s strategy for improving public health and lowering health care costs.
Preventing oral health diseases helps to reduce rates of other costly and debilitating diseases like diabetes and heart disease, which are linked to poor oral health. Preventing oral health diseases also helps to save Vermonters money and reduce health care costs overall.

Because Judith, we wouldn’t want to blame increased levels of sugar and processed foods on oral health demise, diabetes and heart disease, would we? Let’s be honest, eating crap foods keeps producing customers for Dentists nationwide, so why don’t we just pretend it all revolves around people being under-fluoridated. In terms of facts, dental costs are HIGHER in fluoridated communities.

For all these reasons, I urge you to embrace the real science and the need to maintain community water fluoridation in Rutland City. It is a safe, proven and effective means of reducing costly dental diseases and health care costs. The evidence is so clear that all leading health and medical organizations recommend fluoridation. In fact, there is no major, national medical or scientific organization that opposes it.
There is not one single opponent who does what we dentists and dental health care providers do every day and who can provide you and our neighbors with our real experiences and the real scientific facts about fluoride.

What “real science?” This is your entire letter? No facts, just a few paragraphs that actually amount to a partial ad for your services.

The facts are that high levels of sugar intake are the largest contributor of obesity and poor oral health. If we educate more people on the actual facts, we will have much less dental health demise and well, many less coveted dentist customers. Dentist are the ones who get the great benefit of fluoridation, they support almost every fluoride initiative.

(source) Multi-billion dollar international conglomerates, which benefit from tooth decay and fluoride sales, pour money into organized dentistry which is behind virtually every fluoridation initiative.The American Dental Association (ADA), many of its over 250 constituent state and city associations are benefactors along with other fluoridation-promoting dental groups and schools.

Dentists, inside and outside of government and industry, seem to have vast amounts of money and influence to promote fluoridation. Where does it come from?

The ADA and the ADA Foundation received over $28 million from pharmaceutical companies, dental equipment manufacturers and insurance companies, from 2006 – 2009, according to a January 20, 2010, letter from the ADA’s Chief Financial Officer to U.S. Senator Charles Grassley.

This “open letter” is a travesty. It says nothing but choose our dental business so we can charge you and your kids for fluoridation services. It does nothing in the way to promote oral health at all. Judith is simply another dentist attempting to drum up business and assure that the creation of new customers never ceases. It’s a disgusting and disturbing agenda ripe with self-interest. She writes a letter with no factual citations, didn’t she go to school? At some point certainly in her illustrious dental career she was asked to write an actual paper. Her “open letter” could have been better formatted had an 8th grader been assigned it. I’m not trying to be overly insulting, but when you take a breath and consider this, it really is sad (and systemic with doctors). Doctors and dentists often are the problem. She has the influence of an entire town and her choice when attempting to assert influence is to push for fluoridation? We have a severe childhood obesity issue in this country which directly relates to decreased oral health (source: common sense) yet this Dentist decides on the fluoridation issue. What does that tell you? Could it be any more clear?

If you aren’t sold yet, well let me help you out. Visit her Facebook page and it becomes even more obvious.

Scientific research from reliable sources with 70 years of proven effectiveness.

Posted by Heaton & Fisch Dental Associates on Sunday, January 3, 2016

There is so much more, but I don’t have time. Where the heck is she getting that “every $1 invested in fluoridation saves $38 in dental treatments?” That’s insanely silly. She does have one post about sugar being detrimental, I will give her that, but then it is followed by this.

Dental Professionals in support of community water fluoridation at the Rutland Halloween Parade.

Posted by Heaton & Fisch Dental Associates on Monday, November 2, 2015

“Without fluoride, no teeth.” How do these dentists think mankind survived and thrived for 100’s of years? This is laughable.
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