Dog Flu Shots Is The Latest Way Into Your Wallet


People aren’t getting flu vaccines as much this year as years past. And guess what? People aren’t getting the flu as much, either. Those numbers don’t bode well for pharmaceutical companies struggling to make billions of dollars in revenues. So how do we handle lower vaccine sales? The same way I always preach on this site, we merely change the focused demographic. With the flu vaccine, that’s typically meant marketing towards pregnant women. However, in this case, an abrupt change has taken place: Dogs. Yep, dogs are apparently getting the flu now. It’s become an epidemic, of course, and all the ‘experts’ are advising that we all take our dogs in for flu ‘canine’ vaccines. Because of course they are. Take this community in Louisiana, for example, that’s commenting on a major dog flu epidemic which leads us into heading to the vet for a round of doggy flu vaccines.


Cases of canine influenza have been popping up across Texas, and the virus could make it’s way to the Bayou State.


“Recently there has been an outbreak of canine influenza in the Texas Area,” said Veterinarian Jae Chang, of the Farr Veterinary Hospital.

Chang says he hasn’t seen any cases of the virus in Southwest Louisiana yet, but it is spreading not far from home.

Wait, does that bold company line sound at all familiar? No cases reported, but go get the shot anyways? But it gets even better.

“There’s a very low percentage of dogs actually dying from it, but they can get very sick,” Chang said. “They could get sick, show upper respiratory signs such as coughing, lethargy, fever, and sometimes, if severe enough, it could lead to pneumonia.”

So basically no dogs have it, and of the none which have it, they don’t die from it. So go get the canine flu shot. Because that makes all the sense in the world. Clearly the human flu shot failure has caused some pretty desperate times among pharmaceutical companies. This is pretty low if you ask me. I mean are we really going to stoop to the level of pushing flu shots on our dogs?

Vaccines for dogs are notorious for injurious side effects. Unfortunately, dogs are easy prey for vaccine companies.

image credit: pixabay