PROOF: Measles Mortality Rates Dropped BEFORE Vaccine


The reasons the measles rates in the United States decline, contrary to the CDC and Pharma’s mantra, has more to do with nutrition and dietary changes than it does the vaccine. However, many scientists were quick to credit the measles vaccine which came out in the 70s for the decline, but the decline began much earlier than the vaccine’s dissemination to the public at large.

By the 1960s, well before the measles vaccine’s arrival, the death rate from measles had dropped by 98%. (source)

Following the launch of the vaccine, those trends continued on, as you can see per the below graphic.



The division between who died from measles and who lived seemed to be based on income. The poor tended to be at higher risk of death. As the Western world grew into more evolved ways to see nutrition, their health tended to be stronger. The more money people had, the more likely they were to be exposed to healthier lifestyles and health education.

A study in the American Journal of Public Health, “Measles mortality in the United States 1971-1975,” showed the measles death rate was just under 10 times higher among families whose median income was less than $5,000 than among families whose income exceeded a modest $10,000. Families outside metropolitan areas, who tended to have poor healthcare, had three times the death rate.In other words, measles survival rates improved drastically with improved dietary standards and health education, not vaccines.

Did Pharma ride a trend of declining measles rates into a revenue producing machine? That’s exactly what appears to have occured. When the Disney measles outbreak occurred last year, not a single death or injury occurred, which would back up this theory. That event, however, was used to pass an extreme mandatory vaccination bill in California.