‘Prince Refused to treat AIDS with medicine and died’, claims source.


A source, or rumor, as we might call it, claims Prince contracted HIV in the mid-90’s and refused to treat it with modern medicine due to his Jehovah Witness status. He attempted to treat the disease through prayer, claims a source at the National Enquirer. The source also claims that the singer weighed a mere 80lbs at the time of his death and was, as stated earlier, addicted to Percocet as well. The source claims AIDS developed six months before his death.

If this were to be true, this might explain the Influenza account. However, more credible sources remain staunchly supporting that Prince overdosed on Percocet the night his plane was landed in haste.

A source, who was not identified by the Enquirer, said: ‘Doctors told Prince his blood count was unusually low and that his body temperature had dropped dangerously below the normal 98.6 degrees to 94 degrees.


‘He was totally iron-deficient, very weak and often disoriented. He rarely ate, and when he did, it all came right back up.

‘His face was yellowish, the skin on his neck was hanging off and the tips of fingers were a brownish-yellow.’

The National Enquirer’s unnamed source is a seriously questionable narrative. However, it makes us wonder if the real truth behind Prince’s death is being covered up. Some have linked his death to Chemtrail Flu, or his being insightful about geoengineering, as the reason for his death. In this case, pill addiction / overdose and AIDS would be rather convenient covers for the real truth. They’d certainly serve as distractions.

Is the media falling bait to a massive coverup?