Obama Wept For Standing Rock In 2014


President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visited the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Nation in June of 2014. The meeting at the time appeared by some to be a genuine attempt by the Obama Administration to repair centuries of  damage that has been done to Native Americans. Others feared the appearance was only a photo-op. At the time, after his meeting with students and tribal leaders, he and first lady emerged stunned and emotional from a meeting after hearing about their lives on the reservation.

“I love these young people,” Obama said shortly after meeting them. “They feel like my own.” 

Now just 2 years later, President Obama and the First Lady, remain silent in the struggle of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Nation as it battles to protect the only water source in the region from the proposed North Dakota Access Pipeline. Many of the children he met and used in his photo-op have attempted to contact the President, who so anxiously posed with them, now to have their efforts fall on deaf ears as the situation at Standing Rock appears to be heading into a forceful confrontation by an overly aggressive Police force.


Here is his speech, full of promises and hope for the people of Standing Rock from 2014 :

We continue to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Nation in their efforts to protect the water they depend on for life and hope President Obama will open his heart to them again.