Politician: ‘Vaccination Choice For Parents’, Then 30 Minutes Later, Bullied Back To Mandatory Vaxx Pusher


This troubling article out of New Zealand shows just how hard it is to be an elected official and question the safety of vaccines. National MP Maureen Pugh has shifted her position from saying vaccination is a “personal choice” to encouraging every parent to immunise their child, all in under 30 minutes.

Pugh said on Wednesday it was up to parents to “make their own choices” about whether they immunised their kids.

But half an hour later she issued a statement to media clarifying her position, saying she “would encourage every parent to get their child immunised to protect them against these potentially life-threatening illnesses and this is best practice.”


Pugh’s earlier comments that it was a “personal choice” did little to align with a Government target that 95 per cent of 8-months-olds receive their full course of vaccinations.

Before issuing a clarification, Pugh was asked by media if parents should vaccinate their children to prevent them endangering other kids?

She was then asked if she would vaccinate her children today, (based on the recommended schedule), she refused to answer, calling the question “hypothetical.”

Big Pharma reach is strong. Any questions regarding vaccine safety will immediately be silenced.

Photo by stevendepolo