Planned Parenthood Board Member Part of D.A. Who Indicted Undercover Filmmaker


A Texas Grand Jury has passed on charging Planned Parenthood with illegally selling and profiting from aborted fetal parts and instead have indicted the two people who exposed Planned Parenthood. David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt have been charged with felonies for tampering with governmental record and misdemeanor count related to buying a human organ (ironic, of course).  If convicted, Daleiden faces 20 years in prison and Planned Parenthood faces, well, nothing.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson announced an end to any criminal investigation involving Planned Parenthood in Houston. In other words, that case is closed.

But the real heart of the story may present itself in the cronyism that’s coming to light. Namely, a Planned Parenthood board member also doubles as a prosecutor in the same District Attorney’s office who dropped charges against Planned Parenthood and turned them into charges against those who exposed the truths. The machine has turned on the whistleblowers. Lauren Reeder is a prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s criminal family law division. Reeder is listed here. She is listed as a Director who is not compensated for the role.



If this isn’t a conflict in interest, I am not sure how we would define such. This is inexcusable, really. The D.A.’s office, after being pressured, made a statement to the Houston Chronicle regarding the matter and claimed that Reeder will not be involved in the matter. They are claiming they can carry out a “fair” investigation over the matter. Others are calling for a special prosecutor in the case, but will the district attorney accomodate such a request? My guess would be absolutely not. And what was Reeder’s participation up to this point? Is anyone investigating those circumstances?

Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Vice President of Operation Rescue gave this statement to LifeNews earlier today.

We were disappointed, to say the least, by the news that a grand jury chose to indict the investigative journalists who were trying to expose and report crimes in Houston, Texas. This has the effect of chilling the First Amendment freedom of the press and could scare crime witnesses away from coming forward for fear that they might suffer similar retaliatory prosecution.

Because of the secrecy surrounding the grand jury process, it is susceptible to manipulation by a prosecutor with a personal or political agenda. In Kansas, abortion-related grand juries were so influenced by unscrupulous prosecutors who sought to cover up abortion crimes that the State Legislature is now attempting to change the laws to make the process more transparent and accountable to the people.

In Daleiden’s case, once the facts are allowed to come out, which Planned Parenthood and the NAF have worked night and day to conceal or misrepresent, we have every confidence that Daleiden and Merritt will be completely exonerated. In the meantime, Planned Parenthood remains under investigation by other state agencies in Texas, which we believe will reach different conclusions than that of the Anderson-influenced grand jury in Houston.

Rather than carry out a fair investigation it would seem that the government is instead leaning on old reliable intimidation tactics once again. Daleiden is unlikely to get a fair shake in any scenario. Aborted fetuses have a high market value and are commonly used in the creation of vaccines.