Pharmacology Student ‘Researching Disease Cure’ DIES Abruptly…


A pharmacology student whose ambition it was to find cures to diseases that are typically only “treated” by doctors and pharmaceuticals has passed away. She was diagnosed with meningitis and died a mere 48 hours following.

Paawan Purba, 20, was starting the second year of her degree at University of East London. She died surrounded by family.

As reported by the Evening Standard, Purba actually showed few, if any, indications of having contracted meningitis. Most notably, she never developed any rash. Her family remains stunned by the tragic events. Cases of meningitis are rising in England, which makes the case of Purba’s death either consistent, or convenient, depending on which perspective you choose to believe in the matter.


Purba did not take the advised Men ACWY vaccine, something being opportunistically noted.

Paawan’s father Baldev Purba, 48, a telecoms engineer, said: “The sadness is beyond belief. I keep looking at the door thinking my beautiful, bubbly daughter will come home and we will all be together again. Our daughter is gone but if we can help raise awareness of what needs to be done to save others than maybe we can prevent this happening to another family.”

Purba complained of flu-like symptoms, she was looked over for meningitis but no symptoms were found.

Mr Purba said: “She was such a special person. She was so happy, bubbly, fun, full of the energy and excitement of life. She always wanted to just help others. She was interested in pharmaceutical research. She talked about her dreams of helping find cures for the most dangerous diseases. We are now raising money in her memory so we can help find a cure for meningitis.” Friends and family have raised more than £7,000 for the Meningitis Research Foundation.

Researchers and medical personnel of any kind looking for cures is a rare feat anymore in such a profit driven climate. She will be missed. Pharmaceutical companies have a passion for treating illness, not curing it.