Pharma Kills Outrageous Number of People Per Year


When I was younger, I suffered from a stomach ailment. I would get intense pains every six or seven months. A terrible cramping that caused me to squirm to attempt to avoid the pain. It would last hours.

I visited the ER several times, only to leave with “it is probably stress, you should consider Prozac and here is a prescription for Pepcid.”

I was never OK with these answers. And I would eventually just stop visiting the ER. It would later be determined that I had a rare form of Appendicitis. I spent years ingesting Pepcid and anti-depressants. I spent years taking medications that weren’t a solution at all. Recent studies have condemned both Pepcid and anti-depressants, no reason to digress, however.


This morning I read a document written by Gary Null, Ph.D.; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; and Dorothy Smith, Ph.D. The document is titled, “Death by Medicine.” And its content is as bad as the title reads.

The researchers reviewed statistical evidence regarding deaths linked to the medical system and pharmaceutical prescriptions. And what they came up with is astounding.

What they found is that the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is 783,936 per year. For a quick reference, cancer kills 553,251 people per year. The report also shows that the number of individuals who have adverse reactions to in-hospital prescribed drugs is 2.2 million. The number of unnecessary surgeries is 7.5 million.

The pharmaceutical industry and the medical system is the number one killer of people. The pharmaceutical industry, of course, continues to grow. Look at Pharma as it leads all the big industrial sectors, including the banking sector.



In 2013, Pfizer made a 42% profit margin.

What’s more astounding is that pharmaceuticals continue to attack the cannabis sector and all other alternative health solutions. The influence mainstream media’s condemnation has over alternative health solutions furthers influence over legislation to stop the use of alternative health solutions. The system is a racket: Pharma continues to maim and kill as we remain asleep at the wheel.

If these numbers sound depressing, that’s because they are. This is happening to your friends and family and maybe even yourself. Have you stopped to question your medicine cabinet lately? Have you questioned your Doctor lately? All too often, Doctors are given an ultimate power that continues to contribute to the issue. They are often paid shills themselves.

These stats should open your eyes to the truth. We must rise and come to our senses before our children become zombies.