City Rejects Anti-Fluoride Petition & Continues Poisoning Communities


“The Government recognises that water fluoridation is a safe and effective means of preventing tooth decay for people of all ages,” Queensland Health Minister Cameron Dick told Sunshine Coast Daily in his response to a petition aimed at having them do exactly the opposite. 

He claimed in a follow-up statement that his Ministry only seeks to “encourage” fluoridation, as opposed to mandating the toxic activity. “Although the Government has no plans to change the legislative arrangements for water fluoridation in Queensland, it will continue to strongly encourage local governments to adopt water fluoridation as part of a comprehensive approach to improving oral health outcomes.”

In this case, encouragement is likely just as sinister as the act of mandating it. I wouldn’t expect regions to succeed from their higher power’s mantra (though some have broken ground by rejecting it). The argument for forcing chemical infusions into a natural, God-given life resource is ridiculous. People should be able to choose. Large movements protesting the act of fluoridation show that a great many people don’t approve of the process, so why force them to live with it? People drink this water, shower in it and do their laundry and dishes in it. The toxic elements are spread all throughout people’s lives in communities which support utter recklessness, all in the name of profit.


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Photo by sfxeric