Petition To Boycott Marriott’s ‘Chemtrail Rooms’ Gaining Momentum


The mission to normalize the existence of chemtrails took a huge step forward when major luxury hotel chain, Marriott, began offering a room donning artwork which seems to display the presence of chemtrails.

By placing chemtrails into a ‘normalized’ sky setting, people will begin to grow accustom to their existence and lose sight of their toxic intentions. One petition on is now intent on raising awareness to the hotel chain’s room decor, which sits just above the beds.

Marriott’s newly decorated “chemtrail rooms” promote chemtrails and geoengineering by making guests grow accustomed to the sight of chemtrails (as if this is a natural occurrence!) This is outrageous and they should not be promoting this government secret agenda. Please sign to boycott Marriott and raise awareness of the global issue of chemtrails. Whether intentional or unintentional, promotion by Marriott and corporate America will not be tolerated, or the public will hit where it hurts…in their wallets. Please see this video link below showing irrefutable proof of chemtrails being sprayed. This is a crime against humanity.


At least people are attempting to thwart opportunities to normalize what’s clearly poisonous to our communities. We can’t start believing that toxic air and climate change is just normal.

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