Petition Accuses P&G Of Blinding Beagle Puppies During Shampoo Testing


A petition circulating the web is accusing Procter & Gamble of blinding beagle puppies for the sake of testing their shampoos. posted the link on December 11th, and since then they have accumulated just under 9,000 signatures. The signatures are growing fast. I did some research, I couldn’t find critical evidence here (for the sake of honesty), but P&G has a history with these type of accusations. Here is what the petition claims:

In the 21st century, believed to be the era of technology and extraordinary development and progress, companies such as Procter & Gamble are using archaic methods to do routine tests and quality checks on their products. Thousands of beagle puppies are forced to undergo such inhumane tests, just to ensure shampoo such as ‘Head and Shoulders’ (anti-dandruff solution) reaches customers in the perfect formula. During these lab experiments, beagles are frequently blinded due to the chemicals that are poured on their head and face.

Even if they lose sight in one eye, those puppies will be used again in other tests, until they end up being completely blind.


Unfortunately, the worldwide trend of using beagle puppies on these tests seems to be going up, as the British government has recently approved a beagle testing facility in Yorkshire, in spite of massive protests. It is unclear if the UK government will be ‘renting’ the plant to private companies as well.

In either way, P&G needs to halt all testing on beagles as soon as possible and develop alternative, humane methods to test their products. Using defenseless puppies and causing them severe injuries for quality checks is highly unethical and should not be allowed to happen by a company that calls itself ‘responsible’.

We would also like to inform company officials that we will be imposing a total boycott on P&G – we will be throwing out all our Procter & Gamble products and we will not buy others until our demands have been met.

There is a lot of hypocrisy that exist in our world when it comes to the ethics of how we treat animals, however, it is very difficult to digest any reasonable opinions which would defend chemical laden shampoos using animals of any sort to test them. Our core opinion, of course, supports natural solutions, including with shampoos. There are plenty of shampoo and hygiene products which can be used in place of P&G. Avoiding their chemical laden shampoos for reasons of animal ethics, to avoid putting chemicals on your skin, or a bit of both, wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.  And “if” they truly blind beagle puppies with their products, would you want those products on your skin or near your eyes?

Beagle puppies are routinely blinded during quality tests for P&G shampoos!Take Action Now:…

Posted by on Friday, December 11, 2015

They’ve been accused of it before. There is a lot of “boycott P&G” stories, petitions, circulating the web.

Your own judgement is needed in terms of whether or not you support the petition. However, even if we all just use it as another wake up call that chemical shampoos are bad and we look for natural solutions as replacements, then it was worth the read. I would encourage everyone to check out WellnessMama’s article on how to use coconut milk and castille shampoo to make natural shampoo. She has instructions on her site, but the ingredients are rather simple.