TRANS-SPECIES: Men Identifying As Dogs Will Create Legal Quandary


Gender identity is unlikely to be the last of the “identity movement.” The movement is likely to be more far-reaching than even existing within our own species. Nothing is more evident of this than the new movement that has grown men identifying as puppies in the UK and a movement by a man in Pittsburgh. This is happening worldwide and it will not be long until the new bills are introduced to accommodate the needs of these people, all at the expense of the rest of us.

Around 10,000 people in the UK enjoy the pet play craze, but things are beginning to get a bit more serious than just “play.”


Of course, this is happening in the United States for a while. A Pittsburgh man has been dressing up as a dog for years. He has no job. His parents gave him a trust fund to allow him to live his life this way. The interview is mindblowing. Listen to him when asked if he believe he is “part dog.” He believes he is a dog trapped in a human body.

If you don’t believe this will be coming down the legal pipeline, you haven’t been paying attention. It will begin with rights such as how these people interact with our kids at dog parks and their rights as vet patients. We may have to allow all dogs inside every restaurant. This is coming, so get braced.