Parents Have New Scapegoat for Toddler’s Death (Hint: It’s not Vaccines)


Neil and Jenny Burdett’s daughter, Faye, died last Valentine’s Day. The toddler battled for 11-days but eventually succumbed to Meningitis. The Burdett’s posted their daughters sickly images online and started a campaign to get all children under the age of 11 vaccinated for meningitis. In response, parents began posting pictures of their sick children online, and a petition for vaccinating all children under 11 years old was signed by over 800k people in the U.K. The petition was later rejected.

But now the Burdett’s, who placed themselves on the face of a movement to vaccinate all children in the U.K., have a new enemy other than meningitis. They are now blaming the MPs, or health workers, for not taking their daughter’s sickness serious. Remember, the initial distress by the parents was that their daughter was killed by a vaccine preventable disease and that other parents shouldn’t suffer the same fate. However now, it seems as if they are saying that health workers failed to assist properly. According to the Independent, the Burdett’s are now claiming issues with the hospital in general, saying they weren’t taken seriously upon arrival. They also argue that paramedics initially told her to seek out their family doctor.

Mrs Burdett said: “Our failing, we believe, is when we got to the hospital. We were, I wouldn’t say pushed aside…”


Mr Burdett, who said his daughter would still be alive if she had not been misdiagnosed, continued: “Not taken seriously I think, and the GP was not taken seriously… she was dismissive.”

He told MPs: “We were there (at hospital) for two hours and discharged with a viral infection. Six hours later we were back there and she was critically ill. So we do obviously have issues with diagnosing it.”

A petition with over 800k signatures and more than a handful of morbid, sickly toddler posts all over social media and in the end, it sounds more and more as if health workers mismanaged the situation. The Burdett’s are now, in essence, blaming a lack of vaccines as well as incompetent health care workers. So which is it?

Remember, the Government rejected their petition, this new claim that a lineup of health care workers is to blame falls on the heels of that. The Burdett’s before said meningitis killed their child and could have been prevented by a vaccine, so every child should be vaccinated. Now they are saying that their child died from meningitis, which could have been prevented if health care workers had done their jobs correctly. It seems someone or something almost has to take the blame for this toddler’s death, or these parents won’t be happy. To come out and say you want every parent to vaccinate, then turn around and blame health care workers for the toddler’s death seems a bit contradictory.