Parent Charged For Skin To Skin Contact With Newborn


A Utah man is posting his medical bill for the birth of his newborn son. And amazingly the hospital is charging him a fee for allowing him to hold his baby. B So in line with Epi-Pen pricing and the influence of Big Pharma on this lastbelection, parents are now being charged to hold their children after birth.

Ryan Grassley shared a photo of his hospital bill on Reddit, according to Fox 13 Now. The bill showed that Grassley was charged $39.35 for “skin to skin” contact. The photo has been viewed more than 3 million times in the last day.

The nurse let me hold the baby on my wife’s neck/chest. Even borrowed my camera to take a few pictures for us. Everyone involved in the process was great, and we had a positive experience. We just got a chuckle out of seeing that on the bill.


Take a look at his hospital bill, this is why your rates are going up.