Officials: Strain Of Mumps Is Vaccine Resistant. Demand More Vaccines Anyway.


Health officials in New York are struggling to deal with a mumps outbreak across the state. Now, 2 students have tested positive at the State University Of New York (SUNY), bringing the total to at least 45 since July. This will trigger the attack on unvaccinated students being scapegoated and sent home.

While the timeline for the outbreak is unclear, what is clear, is that like Arkansas, and now Oklahoma, state officials have no idea what to do other than keepĀ forcing vaccines.

Authorities have said that the outbreak is most likely attributable to a new strain of the virus that is resistant to vaccines.


Officials are urging anyone who may have come in contact with an infected person to consider getting a mumps booster shot.

So, the virus is resistant to vaccines but get another vaccine anyway.

I would expect this to keep spreading for a while with this logic.