The Breast-Feeding Photo That May Get A Fireman Fired


I must be honest, as a female, when I saw the headline about an offensive fire department picture, I really thought it was about those glossy, sexy, fireman calendars. I was expecting a fireman in a speedo in his uniform with some overtly sexual use of hoses surrounding him, thus degrading his uniform. I certainly didn’t expect this.

A portrait of a woman breastfeeding her infant son may get her firefighter husband fired. While details surrounding the Las Cruces, N.M., firefighter’s fate remain unknown, he was said to be under investigation  last week and could face disciplinary action because of the photo, according to KFOX-TV.

“The message is that you can be a full-time breast-feeding mom and work a full-time job and do both really well,” photographer Tara Ruby said, adding the firefighter’s wife was “standing as a model for all the moms that actually are firefighters that are breast-feeding.”


tara ruby

Image credit: Tara Ruby Photography

Male privilege is still alive and well.

Photo by PhilipsPhotos