Obama “The Vaccine Is Ready To Go, Just Send Billions…”


Well, that was sure fast, wasn’t it? It almost feels like the vaccine has been ready and was just waiting to line up an invented outbreak.

According to this article in the NY Daily News, Obama has declared the Zika vaccine good to go. Pharmaceutical company Inovio received the Food and Drug Administration’s blessing to proceed with human testing (surprise!), and about a week later, the vaccine is apparently already effective and of course, as with all new vaccines, automatically deemed safe for pregnant women.

The President said that if the effort is well funded he’s “fairly confident” an effective vaccine could be developed before the virus spreads to the continental U.S.


Wow. I am almost speechless. But, Obama, we have a problem. The GOP members of Congress appear to not be falling for the latest money grab by the CDC/Big Pharma and have chosen to delay funding without massive concessions from Democrats.

But another problem continues to come up, there has been no increase in the Microcephaly cases outside of NE Brazil. Now immunologists and scientific groups, as well as the New England Journal Of Medicine are all doubting Microcephaly as a side effect of Zika.

In light of this evidence, NECSI says the cause of microcephaly in Brazil should be reconsidered. One possibility that has been raised is the pesticide pyriproxyfen, which is applied to drinking water in some parts of Brazil to kill the larvae of the mosquitos that transmit Zika. Pyriproxyfen is an analogue for insect juvenile hormone which is cross reactive with retinoic acid, which is known to cause microcephaly. A physicians group in Brazil and Argentina, the Swedish Toxicology Sciences Research Center, and NECSI have called for further studies of the potential link between pyriproxyfen and microcephaly.

But this is a huge financial opportunity for Pharma and the CDC, who will also be able to push the vaccine throughout the United States and around the world. Even though we’ve had no cases of Zika/MC derived inside of our borders, this hasn’t stopped massive pesticide spraying in communities, such as California, New York and Florida. The CDC has gotten so desperate they have chosen to import women 8 months pregnant from foreign countries in New Jersey and Florida, just to give birth to Microcephaly children to stimulate fear here at home. All at an estimated care cost of $1-10 million dollars per infected and now citizen of the USA, all at taxpayer expense.

There are billions of dollars at stake..

Photo by NIAID